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Coognitive’s chatbot & live agent platforms were implemented to achieve the goals of UPS’s digital transformation strategy. Automated shipment tracking, accessible business information & a user friendly chat service with live agents to solve issues and operate in the customer account, to enhance user experience & satisfaction.

Our Solutions

New and better ways to acquire, engage and retain customers

Self service

Our innovative Conversational AI Platform has the capability to quickly learn & adapt to internal systems, it readily handles unstructured data & can solve complex business problems using NLP to analyze sentiment.

Live Chat

Implement a user & agent friendly Omni-channel solution with real-time management and a super-efficient que management.

Digital Forms

Enhance user satisfaction & optimize business processes’ by creating interactive fillable PDFs for your customers.

Text Analyst

Analytics is a platform add-on that allows the bot owner in-depth understanding and tracking of how the bot is used by its users.

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Case Studies

Your dedicated customer success manager is with you every step of the way to guarantee you achieve the best and quickest results.

A glimpse at some of our satisfied customers:

  • Menora Insurance Ltd.
  • Bank Leumi Le-Israel
  • Direct Finance

Israel's Leading Insurance Company

Coognitive’s platform was chosen to best achieve the goals of Menora’s digital transformation strategy. Whether their customers will want to purchase car insurance, redeem a pension fund or schedule a meeting with an agent, it will all be performed through our solution. Menora’s customers access our interface and can find personal information, independently switch insurance plans, redeem and withdraw a pension fund, purchase additional coverage, sign required documentation and more.

Menora Mivtachim Insurance Ltd.

The intelligent chatbots implemented throughout the organization, have enhanced user experience and provided Menora with a new channel to engage their customers, regarding support, marketing and sales.

Israel's Largest Bank

Once logged into the bank (website or app) the customer can access a personal assistant designated to provide information and perform action in their personal account. The PA enables them to freely converse with the bank and execute actions, e.g., to transfer money, open a savings account, question credit card expenses or balances and more. There is always the option of escalating the chat to seamlessly connect with a live representative, including the entire transfer of chat history.

Bank Leumi Le-Israel

IT Bot – Employees can create and submit an IT tickets to the IT department – This has eliminated the bottle neck in the IT department as a result of automating this internal process.

Overall solutions in the consumer credit field

Coognitive’s platform was chosen to tackle this issue and provide Mimun Yashir’s customers with a user friendly interface for billing purposes. Several times a months the CRM system sends notifications to relevant customers with a link to our intelligent bot. Once the customer has been identified (OTP), he is required to choose a payment alternative, e.g., credit card payments, direct transfer, etc. Once the required information is updated the customer receives confirmation and the CRM is updated.

Mimun Yashir part of Direct Insurance

Since the implementation of the billing bot, Mimun Yashir has successfuly increased its collection process by more than 40% !

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of companies say social customer care has a positive ROI

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