Self Service

Within the next few years it is estimated that we will converse with Chat-bots more than we will talk to our partners.

It is for this reason that Coognitive has developed an Enterprise ready Conversational UI platform that is being used by many Multi National Organizations around the world. Coognitive™s platform allows its users to create enterprise digital assistants quickly and easily that can be integrated with any Line of Business System and accessed through numerous channels.

Platform | Powerfully, Built, Easy To Use!


Powerfully, Built, Easy To Use!

We believe in user experience, and we care about yours as much as we care for your customers.

That’s why we crafted a friendly and accessible studio for all your digital engagement needs.

Our studio gives you the most advanced building tools in a graphic user interface.

It frees you from coding, decision trees and other distractions – letting you focus on creating the absolute best experience for your customers.


If you ever played with Lego blocks – you can use our builder to create your bot. Just stack our smart blocks one on top of the other to create a digital conversation masterpiece in minutes. You can also organize your blocks into groups allowing you to keep your creations organized, so you can easily find whatever you are looking for.


Make sure your customers always get what they are asking for: easily create a rule set that gets your customers the right information, and avoid those pesky “please rephrase your query” messages.


Upload unlimited number of Q & As, and let your users ask a question in free text. Our system understands their intent and gives them the right answer. And the best part is, you can manage everything using a simple Excel file!

Data Bl

Data Bl is where you can connect to and import your data from various sources such as Power Bl, Micro Strategy, Tableu and Excel. Once connected, the data is available immediately for queries in the bot by any user using natural language. See the Data Bl section on page 14 for more details.


No answer? No problem!
The system collects all of the user questions it wasn’t sure how to answer, so your content experts can easily teach it everything.


Our state of the art Word2Vec and powerful NLP engines with multi-language, supports many languages (English, Spanish, Arabic and many more).  We fully understand your users’ intents and provide highly accurate responses.


Use our built-on event system to pinpoint opportunities for better customer experience and efficient customer service.  Full support for live AB testing let’s you optimize your bot on the go.


Customize the look and feel of your customer experience in seconds, to perfectly match your brand’s style and personality.


(NLP Brain)

Small Talk.

Digi comes built in with small talk support . With over 100 built in intents just to handle a basic conversation , Digi can handle anything from questions about her, to mood questions to the weather.

The responses can be customized if you wish to give Digi a different character. Using Q&A and Data Bl as well as custom NLP intents the conversational capabilities of Digi can be enhanced to respond to ''real'' questions and requests while retaining the underlying small talk capabilities.


(NLP Brain)

Questions & Answers.

The Q&A tab provides an easy and simple way to add a FAQ style capability to your chat bot. Using out dedicated editor, you can add questions and answers as well alternate ways of asking the same questions that are not obvious from the ''standard'' way of asking.

Importing & Exporting .

The Q & A data can be exported and imported from Excel for quick inclusion of existing ques­tions you may have. The export option is an easy way to backup your questions and store versions of them.


(NLP Brain)

Custom Intents.

Custom intents are where you can create and add your own bot specific intents such as ''check account balance'', or ''transfer funds'' in a banking bot. Once a sufficient amount of intent examples are created in our editor, an NLP model is built from these examples and this model is added to your combined NLP brain i.e. to the smalltalk, Q&A and Data Bl capabilities as you defined.

The NLP brain makes sure each request by the user is matched against the correct model to generate the correct response and action.