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Analytics is a platform add-on that allows the bot owner in-depth understanding and tracking of how the bot is used by its users.
Using analytics, you can track KPIs and trends over time to discover the bots strengths and weaknesses, so you can
focus on improving the bot flow to provide a better user experience and allow the bot to complete its purpose with its users.
In addition, using analytics you can extract information that is important for improving your business such as: what are the areas and actions that interest the users more
or areas that need to be strengthened to provide better customer service and satisfaction.
From peeking into actual complete transcripts to important trends and in- depth NLP analysis of the conversation, analytics is a must for real production bots.

Good data is important data!

The data collected by your bot and your user behavior is the most important feedback you can get from deploying a bot in the feedback. Complete and in- depth data is critical for the success of a production bot in the field. Using our analytics add-on, you have this base covered.


The Users section allows you to track active, new and recurring users. In addition, total users over time can also easily be tracked.


The Overview section allows you to configure your own personal dashboard summarizing the information you want quick access to, providing a high level overview of the bots health.

Analytics Sections

Analytics are split into detailed sections to analyze your business data.

Q & A

The strong platform integration allows the Analytics Q & A section to expose specific Q & A KPIs such as questions asked / answered / not answered over time, top questions asked as well as displaying the most frequently asked topics from most asked to least asked.


The Intents section provides information about the NLP user intents such as top intents, intents the bot did not understand over time and lists of specific messages not understood. Using this information, we can teach the bot and improve it to better respond to user requests.


The Sessions section allows you to track session activity on the bot, including daily and weekly session activity patterns. As with all sections, data can be filtered by period, channel etc.


The Flow section shows a chart displaying the various paths users take in the bot with attached percentages. Diving into this chart can provide an understanding of the paths both commonly and uncommonly taken by users.

Drop Off

The Drop Off section shows a chart of the most common blocks in the bot flow where users drop off. In addition, a drop off rate over time is available to track this KPI over time.


Every chart in the Analytics tab provides buttons to export the specifically shown chart data as an image or Excel sheet for simple consumption. However, if you wish to export the entire data set collected by the analytics function you can use this export section to export it to external BI products such as Power BI, Micro strategy and Tableu.


The Events sections is where custom defined events in the bot flow can be exported. Events are specific points in the bot flow we wish to record as they happen, so we can measure them as occurring or not occurring. Events are created using the events card in the Builder tab and exported in this section.