Use Cases

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Israel's Leading Insurance Company

Menora Mivtachim Insurance Ltd. is an insurance company that operates in all of the main insurance sectors in Israel – general insurance, life insurance and health insurance, and it is one of the five largest insurance companies in Israel. Menora operates through more than 4,000 insurance agents and was interested in engaging their customers directly and providing them with digital interfaces to enhance customer satisfaction.

Menora Mivtachim Insurance Ltd.

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Coognitive’s platform was chosen to best achieve the goals of Menora’s digital transformation strategy. Whether their customers will want to purchase car insurance, redeem a pension fund or schedule a meeting with an agent, it will all be performed through our solution. Menora’s customers access our interface and can find personal information, independently switch insurance plans, redeem and withdraw a pension fund, purchase additional coverage, sign required documentation and more.

The intelligent chatbots implemented throughout the organization, have enhanced user experience and provided Menora a new channel to engage their customers, regarding support, marketing and sales.

Overall solutions in the consumer credit field

Direct Finance. Known in Hebrew as Mimun Yashir, is a consumer credit company in the Direct Insurance – Financial Investments Ltd. group. They specialize in overall solutions in the consumer credit field, financing car purchases in Israel and loans for the consumers’ various personal purposes. At the end of every month Mimun Yashir has millions of Shekel in outstanding balances.

Direct Finance

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Coognitive’s platform was chosen to tackle this issue and provide Mimun Yashir’s customers with a user friendly interface for billing purposes. Several times a months the CRM system sends notifications to relevant customers with a link to our intelligent bot. Once the customer has been identified (OTP), he is required to choose a payment alternative, e.g., credit card payments, direct transfer, etc. Once the required information is updated the customer receives confirmation and the CRM is updated.

Since the implementation of the billing bot, Mimun Yashir has successfuly increased its collection process by more than 40%.

Israel's Largest Bank

Bank Leumi le-Israel. is Israel’s largest bank, operating hundreds of branches that serve customers in households, private banking and business banking. All banking services are provided via direct channels – both telephony and digital. Millennials prefer communicating with banks via chat and written communication channels, without physically visiting them. They expect access to fast and accurate digital and cellular transactions, enabling them to perform actions anywhere, anytime.

Bank Leumi le-Israel

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General Banking Information Bot – They have developed a Q&A bot that provides their customers with information regarding the bank, branches (operating hours), updated currency rates and general banking questions. This include an integration with WhatsApp.

Personal Banking Information Bot – Once logged into the bank (website or app) the customer can access a personal assistant designated to provide information and perform action in their personal account. The PA enables them to freely converse with the bank and execute actions, e.g., to transfer money, open a savings account, question credit card expenses or balances and more. There is always the option of escalating the chat to seamlessly connect with a live representative, including the entire transfer of chat history.

IT Bot – Employees can create and submit an IT tickets to the IT department (using a software called ServiceNow) regarding permissions, computers, internet, bank applications and more.

IT – This has eliminated the bottle neck in the IT department as a result of automating this internal process.

One of the largest insurance groups in Israel

Provides insurance solutions to customers in Israel. The company offers life, health, home, car, directors and officers, professional and other liability, and other business insurance solutions.

Customer experience in the finance and insurance fields, is particularly challenging and constantly evolving. In service-intensive and regulatory areas, customers do not always understand the complexity of products and companies struggle to provide a solutions that best fit their customers’ needs in a simple and easy way. In addition, recent research shows that most people already prefer using a messaging platform rather than waiting for a live representative.

Ayalon Insurance Co., Ltd.

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The bot, identified as Alon from Ayalon, assists drivers who were involved in an accident, were victims of theft or natural damage, in independently filing an insurance claim and in locating a garage or an assessor. Moreover, this innovative bot enables Ayalon’s customers to independently receive information regarding their insurance claims and request quotes, 24/7 from anywhere - without having to wait for live representative.

The biggest telecommunication company in Israel

Bezeq. With Bezeq’s dynamic growth and increase. their customer service quality was beginning to decrease. Customers got tired of the inefficiency of customer service. forcing Bezeq to look for a better solution.


  • Solution
  • Outcome

• Increased efficiency by creating separate high performing chatbots for each of Bezeq's six different sectors (ecommerce. communications. etc.) • Enabled Bezeq to integrate their new chatbots in all digital channels • Kept Bezeq's data on premise deployment instead of on the cloud, keeping their data private from the public and safe from hacking, following the government regulation rules. • Increased sufficiency by allowing Bezeq to improve their services by learning about their customers and their needs through monetization

Solved efficiency and customer satisfaction challenges.
•Our bots are more informative than customer service representatives.
•Response times are much faster.
•Yielding higher customer satisfaction and customer retention rate.

American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

UPS. Having to deal with thousands of customers daily. the UPS customer service was not able to help the customers sufficiently
• Customers had to rely on the long process of email to receive the answers they were seeking and were not able to track their packages effectively
• Difficulties in engaging with customers and obtaining information about them


  • Solution
  • Outcome

• Built bots for UPS's10 different channels, specializing in areas such as finance, package tracking, etc.
• Made it possible to track each package that comes into Israel and communicate every package's location and status to customers in a matter of seconds

Solved Customer Engagement challenge.
• Reduced UPS package delivery time
• Increased UPS's efficiency by decreasing the time and effort of its workers and saving the company thousands of dollars through automation
• Increased customer satisfaction by simplifying the process
• Integrated its data collecting and comprehending platform. helping UPS engage with customers, learning about their preferences and problems.

American multinational e-commerce corporation.

ebay. eBay was looking for new ways to sell their products and market themselves
• Time-to-market concern: eBay needed to offer their customers new innovative services as fast as possible
• Wished to market themselves as mom innovative by building new tools and services but was not sure how to do so
• Desired to increase engagement with customers by reaching them through new channels.


  • Solution
  • Outcome

• Using our tax calculator bot, eBay customers can calculate their taxes, leading to the expansion of eBay's user base
• We enable eBay to become more innovative and reach their customers through new channels. such as Facebook

Solved Sales and Innovation Challenge:
• Created a new eBay tool: the Tax Calculator
• Helped eBay engage with customers in new Innovative ways
• Expanded eBay, allowing it to target new audience and customers
• Aided in increasing the eBay brand and its sales through new tools and innovation
• Built the entire bot and Integrated It with eBays API in less than two weeks

Israeli Government Services.

Israeli Government Services. The Israeli government was looking for easier, more effective and efficient ways to interact with its citizens through digital channels
• The government offers over 250 different services (social security, healthcare, etc.) to its citizens, and needs them all to be faster and more intuitive

Israeli Government Services.

  • Solution
  • Outcome

• We built the government a platform in which it can create chatbot solutions for the citizens in a fast and simple way
• Easily integrated to the government's API
• Used on premise deployment to assure high security
• Made it easily accessible for all citizens through all digital channels

Solved Speed and Intuitiveness Challenge
• Created a more intuitive, more simple, and more enjoyable platform for the Israeli citizens to interact with their government
• Made the service much faster and more sufficient, which better suits the Israeli government for the 21st century

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